Flip Cameras to the Atlanta Police Department

The Atlanta Security Council consists of the Atlanta Police Department Command Staff, Atlanta Fire and Rescue Department Command Staff, Corporate security directors, and Georgia State University under the auspices of the Atlanta Police Foundation (APF).  At its quarterly meeting (February 22, 2012), the APF donated to the Atlanta Police Department five Flip Cameras awarded to the force by the IACP Community Policign Committee and GILEE.  In the attached video Chief George Turner receives the cameras from Dr. Robbie Friedmann on behalf of the Atlanta Police Foundation, the IACP - Community Policing Committee, and GILEE. These cameras will be utilized by the APD Community Service Division’s Community Oriented Policing Section, to video-tape non-criminal police citizen interaction so as to enhance positive exchanges, learn from the experience, share with other officers and departments and increase accountability and partnership with the community to better co-produce public safety.

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Todd A. Good story and video Robbie, look forward to Atlanta PD maybe posting some of their videos on the site.
February 22nd at 11:19PM ET