The IACP Community Policing Committee 2015 Workshop

In the last few years the IACP Community Policing Committee was able to put on timely workshops that were well attended and addressed key issues relevant to law enforcement and communities alike.  Typically the committee's workshops have been ranked among the top ten of all the workshops at the IACP’s annual conferences.  We also take advantage of the workshop to recognize the winners and finalists of the IACP-Cisco Community Policing Awards (see list of all winners).

This year, at the 122nd annual conference in Chicago, our committee presented a workshop titled: “Understanding domestic/international terrorism and assessing new threats against local law enforcement: Are you prepared? What community policing can do for you.” The key concept was to provide an understanding of the threat with the added benefit of providing law enforcement leaders with programmatic skills of how to harness community policing principles to better cope with the growing threat of international and domestic terrorism.

Our topic and speakers were firmed up through extensive discussion by and input from our committee members.  The workshop speakers included: Dr. Robert R. Friedmann [Director, Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange (GILEE), Georgia State University's Andrew Young School of Policy Studies] focusing on understanding the linkage between incitement and terrorism, Morgan Wright (Analyst, Fox News Channel - Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Govt. - Principal, Morgan Wright, LLC) who focused on cyber terrorism and particularly threats to law enforcement personnel in the form of doxxing and how to better protect against it; Kerry Sleeper (Assistant Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Office of Partner Engagement, FBI) who provided a realistic threat assessment and pointed out the growing danger from a host of hostile sources; Todd Miller (Director of Public Safety, City of Mankato, City of Mankato, who also covered material for Steve Dye, Chief of Police, Grand Prairie Police Department, Grand Prairie Police Department who was unable to attend. Please keep him and his wife Mimi in your thoughts and prayers) who focused on the successful implementation of community policing strategies to assist the Somali community in Mankato to better cooperate with the police to attenuate the influx of Somali youths who train and join terrorist organizations; and Melanie Pearlman [Executive Director, Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab (CELL)] who talked about prevention of terrorism through education, empowerment and community engagement.

Informal feedback was excellent and we are awaiting the formal evaluation of the session. We hope that the law enforcement leaders who attended the workshop got out of it that community policing can and should be harnessed as an effective tool to cope with the threat of terrorism.  The threat of terrorism will be with us for the forseebale future and is imperative to develop effective measures to curb it.

The IACP annual conference provides an excellent opportunity for professional education and training as well as serving as a rich source for best practices, networking and cutting edge information. 

See you in San Diego at the 123rd annual conference. 

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