Dr. Robbie: The Committee's Web Site
Thank you to Travis Parish for updating our Committee's web site. He corrected several obsolete links, adjusted and updated some relevant text and added the 2017 and 2018 Community Policing...[read more]
Posted 10.24.18
Dr. Robbie: Community Policing Committee Update
We had a productive annual meeting in Orlando, earlier this month, attended by most of the committee members and several guests. More details once our minutes will be completed (some...[read more]
Posted 10.20.18
Dr. Robbie: Community Policing Workshop 2018
Attend the committee's workshop: "Terrorist Action or Civil Unrest: what Chiefs Need to Know to Respond and Build Community Trust"  Tuesday, October, 9th at 1:30 - 3:00 pm in room W304CD  [read more]
Posted 10.07.18
James: Police Suicides Outnumber Line of Duty Deaths
In March of 2017, New Hampshire's law enforcement community learned of the suicide of a Keene Police Chief Brian Costa.  Chief Costa was a very well liked, personable, and...[read more]
Posted 10.06.18
Ronal: 2017 IACP - Cisco Community Policing Awards
It is that time of year again to highlight the accomplishments and innovations of police departments throughout the world that embrace community policing. This year we are happy to announce that...[read more]
Posted 05.05.17
Kacey: Mountain View Police Captain recognized for digital community engagement
I live in Mountain View and am especially proud to see this recognition.   As we think about best practices for community policing keep in mind the digital communities (facebook, nextdoor...[read more]
Posted 04.07.17
Kacey: Community Policing and Basketball? Help spread the word for this important initiative
Found a great example of community policing in Florida!   Meet Basketball Cop! Check it out ! [read more]
Posted 03.22.17
Kacey: 2017 Community Policing Award Committee Kickoff Call Today
It was great to kickoff the 2017 Community Policing Award with the Committee today!  Cisco is proud to sponsor best practices for community policing in our communities around the world!...[read more]
Posted 03.17.17
Scott: Reducing Opioid Addiction through a Broad Community Coalition
An estimated 1.9 million people in the United States have a pain reliever use disorder.[1] Drug overdose, including misuse of pharmaceuticals, is...[read more]
Posted 07.13.16
Dr. Robbie: The IACP Community Policing Committee 2015 Workshop
In the last few years the IACP Community Policing Committee was able to put on timely workshops that were well attended and addressed key issues relevant to law enforcement and...[read more]
Posted 11.06.15
Todd A.: Community Policing - My Past and Future
I have recently returned to work from attending another great IACP Annual Conference, this one in Chicago, IL, USA.  At the conference, the winners and finalists of the 2015 IACP...[read more]
Posted 11.06.15
Travis: Community Policing Strong in Richmond, VA
I returned from IACP Conference and heard about a community policing focused presentation at VA Commonwealth University. It was great to hear real passion for the philosophy and agency-wide commitment...[read more]
Posted 11.05.15
Todd A.: Congratulations to 2015 Winners and Finalists!
I would like to congratulate those agencies that were selected as Winners and Finalists for the 2015 IACP and Cisco Community Policing Award.  There were 10 agencies selected that will...[read more]
Posted 09.25.15
keith: Norman Police Safety Town Program
    The Norman Police Department Safety Town Program has been in existence since 1977. The program is a partnerhip between the police department and Sooner Mall. The program was...[read more]
Posted 08.19.15
Madison City Police Department: Community Policing, a Two-Way Street
Law enforcement agencies that truly practice a community policing philosophy enjoy the respect and support of their communities. Members of those communities live in neighborhoods where...[read more]
Posted 08.17.15
Dr. Robbie: International Law Enforcement Partnerships
Organizational vision and cooperation bring law enforcement agencies closer together despite global distances. On June 30, 2015, Y. Danino, Commisisoner of the Israel Police, has retired after 37 years of...[read more]
Posted 07.16.15
Todd A.: Community Policing Award Submission Deadline Extended!
Deadline Extended: 2015 IACP and Cisco Systems Community Policing Awards DEADLINE EXTENDED: Midnight EDT; Sunday, June 28, 2015 With many recent major incidents calling into question the relationships between police and the...[read more]
Posted 05.26.15
David: Benefits of submiting an application for the 2015 IACP/Cisco Community Policing Award
Recently, Director Todd Miller of the IACP Community Policing Committee posted a reminder that the award process for the 2015 IACP/Cisco Community Policing Award is open and he encouraged departments...[read more]
Posted 05.05.15
John: The Law of Unintended Consequences
Over the past 15 years, our department and community have learned a great deal about the community policing model and philosophy. We moved from triage and bandaids followed...[read more]
Posted 04.22.15
Todd A.: 60 Days Left To Submit For Community Policing Award
60 days!  That is how much time you have left to submit an initiative or to finish the submission you have started for the 2015 IACP and Cisco Community Policing Awards! ...[read more]
Posted 04.08.15
Todd A.: Moving Barriers and Building Trust
Building trust with a community is easier when the Police Agency is representative of the citizens they serve, but it also requires that officers get out...[read more]
Posted 03.25.15
Norm: Yonkers New York Police
I wanted to share an article that recently highlighted the Yonkers New York Police Dept. The city of Yonkers is a large city which borders New York City. Over the...[read more]
Posted 03.25.15
Ronal: Mid Year Community Policing Committee Meeting
Last Thrusday and Friday the 2015 Mid Year Meeting of the Community Policing Committee was held in Scotsdale, AZ.  I am proud to report that we had a well attended...[read more]
Posted 03.17.15
Patrick: IACP Community Policing Mid-Year Meeting
Just wanted to say welcome to the new members of the IACP Community Policing Committee, who attended our recently held mid-year meeting. It was a great and busy meeting, with...[read more]
Posted 03.17.15
Jason: 3 Ways to Improve Police/Community Relations
From the ICMA--Moving toward community governance. The recent deaths of unarmed black men at the hands of police officers, and the deaths of police officers at the hands of the seemingly...[read more]
Posted 03.16.15
IACP: Submission To President's Task Force On 21st Century Policing
Recently, IACP was invited to submit written testimony for the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing. With the short time frame to respond, a limited number of members were...[read more]
Posted 01.14.15
Stephen: Police Promotions-Royal Bahamas Police Force
I am please to share the recent promtions of two IACP Committee members from the Bahamas. Superintendent Stephen Dean has been promoted to Assistant Commissioner of Police. Assistant Superintendent Loretta Mackey has...[read more]
Posted 11.02.14
Dr. Robbie: Leadership and Partnership in Law Enforcement
This past week the IACP held its 121st annual conference in Orlando, Florida. With about 25,000 police leaders from all over the world each attendant leaves with their own impressions...[read more]
Posted 11.01.14
Patrick: IACP Annual Conference/Community Policing Awards
Since 1998 the IACP Community Policing Committee has recognized the best community policing practices of agencies around the world. This year was no different as we recognized five agencies in...[read more]
Posted 10.30.14
Morgan: IACP - Another Great Event - Great Workshop
Just leaving Orlando as I drop a quick blog post. Without a doubt, another great set of award winners and stories that will inspire you. Our workshop on Marijuana Legalization...[read more]
Posted 10.29.14
Madison City Police Department: The Death of Community Policing
Community Policing The use of community policing in the context of Ferguson demonstrated what is wrong when the community policing concept is misunderstood and applied incorrectly. There are claims that community...[read more]
Posted 10.17.14
Morgan: Sex Offender By State and Rank
Over at my blog on SafeLife, I posted an entry on some analysis I did nationwide of registered sex offenders. You can find the blog post HERE. What...[read more]
Posted 10.11.14
IACP: What community policing is NOT and what it is
A recent article (“Turning Americans into Snitches for the Police State: ‘See Something, Say Something’ and Community Policing” by John W. Whitehead, The Gilmer Mirror, The Gilmer Mirror, Texas, Sep....[read more]
Posted 10.10.14
Todd A.: 2014 IACP and Cisco Community Policing Award Winners
I would like to congratulate all the winners and finalists for the 2014 IACP and Cisco Community Policing Awards as identified in a news release yesterday from IACP.  You all...[read more]
Posted 10.07.14
José: Community Policing - International Partnership
Firstly, I'd like to congratulate the IACP Community Policing members for this amazing website and for all effort to promote, educate and disseminate the Community Policing philosophy. Here in Brazil, in...[read more]
Posted 09.20.14
Todd A.: IACP Community Policing Committee Membership
As Chair of the IACP Community Policing Committee, it is my job, along with our VP of Oversight, to recommend individuals for membership on the Community Policing Committee.  Members have...[read more]
Posted 06.25.14
Sandwich Police Department: What we've been up to.
While I have not written anything in quite a while. I do regularly read the posts and de iscussions from others. I am in the process of updating our page with...[read more]
Posted 06.20.14
Steve : International Community Policing
I was fortunate enough to recently attend some police leadership training in Northern Ireland and Scotland with a group of my peers from around the world.  It was interesting to learn...[read more]
Posted 06.02.14
Todd A.: Promoting The Receipt of the IACP/Cisco Community Policing Award
After working diligently with our squad graphics designer, we have finally been able to place the IACP and Cisco Community Policing Award Logo on our squad cars and fire trucks,...[read more]
Posted 05.29.14
Parrish Strategic Solutions LLC: Deadline Extended: 2014 IACP and Cisco Systems Community Policing Awards
DEADLINE EXTENDED: Midnight EDT; Sunday, June 22, 2014You and your agency still have time to submit your entry. The process is straightforward and the entry system is easy...[read more]
Posted 05.16.14
Dr. Robbie: TOPPS - it is not what you think
On April 2nd I gave a talk on “Tourism Policing: How Police Departments Can Interact for Better Tourism Security,” at the International Tourism Safety Association annual meeting in...[read more]
Posted 04.12.14
Dr. Robbie: Exercise caution with positive press
It is nice to get positive press and accolades but with it comes the extra responsibilities of reading such press correctly. Once it is printed it is difficult to remedy...[read more]
Posted 03.27.14
Dr. Robbie: Mid-Year Meeting Committee Photo
Our committee had a prodcutive and enjoyable time in San Diego. Thank you to FBI SAC Daphne Hearn for providing a facility conducive to our deliberations and for the great...[read more]
Posted 03.19.14
Travis: 2014 IACP and Cisco Community Policing Award Now Open for Submissions
In its 16th year, the IACP/Cisco Community Policing Awards competition honors those departments worldwide that have prevented and decreased crime and terrorism by forging partnerships with their communities. ...[read more]
Posted 02.14.14
Dr. Robbie: International Community Policing
Among key principles espoused by community policing (CP) several come to mind when considering international community policing (ICP): Interagency cooperation and partnerships building. Most practitioners and scholars emphasize the importance...[read more]
Posted 01.11.14
Kacey: IACP 2013 Philly Highlights
It was an honor to attend IACP 2013 and recognize IACP Community Policing Winners and Finalists in Philly.   Here's my blog with some highlights: [read more]
Posted 11.01.13
keith: Attending the workshop with a future officer
I am honored to be present at the 2013 IACP Conference. I am also honored to have been selected to mentor one of the Philadelphia PD's Explorers. David Makovsky is...[read more]
Posted 10.20.13
Todd A.: 2013 IACP and Cisco Community Policing Award Winners to be Recognized
We are now at the 2013 IACP Conference in Philadelphia where we will officially recognize the Winners and Finalists of the 2013 Community Policing Awards sponsored by Cisco.  The private...[read more]
Posted 10.18.13
Mahesh: Community policing project on antitrafficking "Project Aasara" [read more]
Posted 10.10.13
Dr. Robbie: 2013 CP Awards Posted
As a follow up to Director Miller's post from 8-28 please note that the list of the 2013 winners and finalists is now posted. Click to view. [read more]
Posted 09.26.13
Todd: 2013 IACP & Cisco Community Policing Award Final Judging Concluded
I am pleased to announce that the final judging for the 2013 IACP & Cisco Community Policing Awards has concluded.  A team of final judges looked at all those who...[read more]
Posted 08.28.13
Dr. Robbie: New article on community policing
My latest article on Community Policing was just published. Its title: "Community Policing: Reinventing the Wheel?" Click on the International Journal of Criminology and Sociology to download and view. [read more]
Posted 08.19.13
Patrick: Community Policing
I have completed my first judging of our Community Policing Awards applications. What talent there is in our law enforcement communities.  All the best to the applicants and I look forward to...[read more]
Posted 07.30.13
keith: Commitment
Daily we pledge to protect and serve the community we work in.   This is considered a commitment, which means a pledge, promise, or obligation. When we commit we give...[read more]
Posted 07.14.13
Prakash: Sir, please cooperate with me
Sir, I am the winner of the Special Recognitin Award for Homeland Security for the year 2012 IACP Awards. But due to some law & Order problems i haven't attended...[read more]
Posted 07.02.13
David: IACP Community Policing Award
If you have been following IACP and Community Policing Committee announcements, you know that the deadline for IACP/Cisco Community Policing Award submissions has been extended to midnight, June 23, 2013....[read more]
Posted 06.17.13
Parrish Strategic Solutions LLC: Deadline EXTENDED: 2013 IACP Cisco Community Policing Award
2013 Community Policing Awards - Deadline Extended Submission Deadline Extended: Midnight EST, June 23, 2013 In its 15th year, the IACP/Cisco Community Policing Awards competition honors those departments worldwide that have...[read more]
Posted 05.20.13
Morgan: Lessons From The Cleveland Kidnappings
While others sit and Monday-morning quarterback what the FBI and Cleveland Police did and did not do, let's not lose sight of some valuable lessons for current and future cases...[read more]
Posted 05.11.13
Morgan: The Boston Marathon Bombing: How Community Policing And Social Media Can Work Together
The day of the Boston Marathon bombing, I had already been working on a blog post on how social media could be used to identify and disrupt the Terrorism Planning...[read more]
Posted 04.22.13
Morgan: What We Need is NCIC For Social Media
"The National Crime Information Center, or NCIC, was launched on January 27, 1967 with five files and 356,784 records. By the end of Fiscal Year (FY) 2011, NCIC contained 11.7...[read more]
Posted 02.25.13
Madison City Police Department: The future is Jacob Mora
Dear Team: The attached link will direct you to a wonderful story about a young man that has the desire to serve, and a senior officer that understands why we...[read more]
Posted 02.22.13
Madison City Police Department: Partnerships Save Lives on New Years Eve
The Madison Police Department partnered with other area law enforcement and private business to ensure that we reduced the number of drunk drivers on our streets this New Year's Eve....[read more]
Posted 01.07.13
Dr. Robbie: Rishon Leziyon Police Station, Israel
Rishon Leziyon Police Station (RLPS), Israel, was the second finalist in the 2012 IACP-Cisco Community Policing Award for departments serving populations of 250,000 and above. In the tradition of...[read more]
Posted 01.03.13
Dr. Robbie: Riverside Police Department, California
Riverside Police Department, California, was the finalist in the 2012 IACP-Cisco Community Policing Award for departments serving populations of 250,000 and above. In the tradition of IACP's Community Policing Committee...[read more]
Posted 12.13.12
Nicholas: The Watercolourist and Architect Approaches to Writing Assignments
There are general rules in writing assignments. However, they are not strictly implemented. You have the right and freedom to adapt and develop your own way of writing. To each...[read more]
Posted 11.15.12
Parrish Strategic Solutions LLC: 2013 IACP and Cisco Systems Community Policing Awards
CALL FOR ENTRIES For the 15th year, the IACP and Cisco Systems Community Policing Awards recognizes and pays tribute to departments worldwide that have collaborated with their communities to bring about...[read more]
Posted 10.23.12
Norm: FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
I just received the latest issue of the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin and the cover story is " Community Policing to Prevent Violent Extremism". The author writes about how relationships...[read more]
Posted 10.19.12
Parrish Strategic Solutions LLC: 2013 Award Submission Period Opens October 15
In its 15th year, the IACP/Cisco Community Policing Awards competition honors those departments worldwide that have prevented and decreased crime and terrorism by forging partnerships with their communities. Submission Deadline: Midnight...[read more]
Posted 10.09.12
Todd A.: IACP Conference San Diego
I have just returned to work after attending the 119th IACP Conference in San Diego.  We had a great conference.  The Awards Reception aboard the High Spirits yacht was a...[read more]
Posted 10.08.12
Madison City Police Department: Halloween and Community Policing
Halloween is a holiday that police officers typically associate with mischief and vandalism. Officers respond to calls of yards being rolled with toilet tissue, jack-o-lanterns smashed on front porches, and...[read more]
Posted 09.06.12
Madison City Police Department: Community Policing Means Honest Dialouge
Recently the Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police completed a training film based the Madison Police Department's use of social media in our Community Policing efforts.  They told us that...[read more]
Posted 08.28.12
Madison City Police Department: Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police
The MPD just concluded a wonderful day of working with the Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police. The organization is filiming a documentary/ training film for Community Oreinted Policing and Use of...[read more]
Posted 08.22.12
Madison City Police Department: Community Policing Begins with Empowerment
The Madison Police Department has had great success with the community and problem solving approaches to police services.  Complaints against officers are down, apprehensions have increased, citizen support is at...[read more]
Posted 08.13.12
Todd A.: Final Judging
I have noticed a lot of great posts on the site lately, there is a lot of expertise in community policing on this site, and it is really interesting to...[read more]
Posted 08.10.12
Madison City Police Department: Addressing Quality of Life Issues Reduces Crime
The Madison Police Department has learned that community partnerships, especially with our citizens, are a force multiplier in our mission to enhance our citizen's quality of life.  We have learned...[read more]
Posted 08.03.12
Madison City Police Department: Community Policing Works!
The Community Policing Philosophy has been embraced at all levels of the Madison Police Department.  It is truly an amazing thing to see.  Especially when you consider that just four...[read more]
Posted 07.31.12
Madison City Police Department: Building Rapport
Three years ago the Madison Police Department implemented a new initiative, “Protecting Our Communities”. This initiative has been one of the best things to happen to the City of Madison...[read more]
Posted 07.27.12
Madison City Police Department: Community Policing and Social Media
The Madison Community Policing philosophy went on-line about two years ago by employing social media as an outreach and educational tool. The MPD started a Facebook Page that was initially...[read more]
Posted 07.26.12
John: Community Surveys and Comunity Policing
St. Louis Park Minnesota is a first ring suburb(population47,000) of Minneapolis, and a post World War 2 community. We compete with newer and more modernized second, third, and fourth ring...[read more]
Posted 07.24.12
The Royal Bahamas Police Force with approximately three thousands officers is tasked with the responsibility to police the Bahamas, an archipelago of islands, just off the south coast...[read more]
Posted 07.23.12
Parrish Strategic Solutions LLC: Community Policing Awards - Deadline Extended
Submission Deadline Extended: Midnight EST, June 17, 2012 In its 14th year, the IACP/Cisco Community Policing Awards competition honors those departments worldwide that have prevented and decreased crime and terrorism by...[read more]
Posted 05.30.12
Jeff: A question on the lighter side
Are broken mailboxes the same as broken windows? I puzzled over this question recently after finding that my mailbox, in my quiet suburban...[read more]
Posted 05.11.12
Jeff: Customer Service
By way of explanation, for those of you who are not members of the IACP Community Policing Committee, I am one of the “community” members of...[read more]
Posted 05.11.12
Floral Park Police Department: Department Website
Please take a look at our new website. [read more]
Posted 05.11.12
Steve : GPPD Medication Disposal Program
As a member of the IACP Community Policing Committee, I have the privilege of helping reveiw the annual submissions for the IACP Community Policing Award sponsored by CISCO.  Several years...[read more]
Posted 05.07.12
Parrish Strategic Solutions LLC: 2012 IACP Community Policing Award presented by CISCO
DEADLINE APPROACHING: midnight EDT June 3rd. Spread the word and get your department's entries in at   [read more]
Posted 04.30.12
Kacey: IACP CPA Blog Spreading the word
Today, I blogged and tweeted on the IACP CPA.  Helping to spread teh word   [read more]
Posted 04.19.12
Travis: 2012 Community Policing Award Deadline
Quick reminder... the 2012 IACP/CISCO Community Policing Award submission deadline is Midnight EST, June 3, 2012. [read more]
Posted 04.17.12
Norm: Operation Safeguard in New York
As the Passover and Easter holidays are here, New York State has mobilized Operation Safeguard. This is a community outreach program designed to enlist the community assistance in combating terrorism...[read more]
Posted 04.05.12
keith: Bullying the new beast within our communities
A topic that continues to plaque our communities and raise its ugly head is bullying.  The act of intimidation, physical and verbal, prevents children from enjoying their childhood...[read more]
Posted 03.06.12
Dr. Robbie: Flip Cameras to the Atlanta Police Department
The Atlanta Security Council consists of the Atlanta Police Department Command Staff, Atlanta Fire and Rescue Department Command Staff, Corporate security directors, and Georgia State University under the auspices of...[read more]
Posted 02.22.12
Naperville Police Department: Mobilizing a community to curb heroin abuse
Updated: February 14, 2012 1:22PM Naperville is a community of 145,000 known for its quality of life and low crime...[read more]
Posted 02.14.12
Todd A.: Long-time Chief and CP Committee Member Announces Retirement Credits Community Policing for Success
Long-time Chief, law enforcement executive, and IACP Community Policing Committee Member Dave Dial announces his retirement after 45 years.  Dave credits the Community Policing Philosophy for his successes.  Congratulations Dave! From the...[read more]
Posted 01.30.12
David: Dayton P.D. "The Urban High School Disorder Reduction Project"
Last month I had the privilege of presenting the IACP/ Cisco Community Policing Award to the Dayton Police Department and the City of Dayton, Ohio. Dayton P.D. is the 2011 award...[read more]
Posted 12.29.11
Dr. Robbie: Oslo Public Service Summit - 2011
I had the honor of representing the IACP Community Policing Committee and GILEE (and the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georfia State University) at the Public Service...[read more]
Posted 12.15.11
Dr. Robbie: Kill Community Policing?
Literally on the eve of the IACP 118th annual conference (Chicago) an article posted on by chief Joel Shults (Adams State College in Alamosa, CO) argued that “If ‘community...[read more]
Posted 11.27.11
Dr. Robbie: Public-Private Partnerships
The Atlanta Police Department - through the Atlanta Police Foundation - has established the Atlanta Security Council. It is comprised of the Command Staff of the Atlanta Police Department, the...[read more]
Posted 11.26.11
Todd A.: Time Owed Schedules
We are preparing to implement a time owed schedule, basically 9.25 hour days, average of 4 days a week, with 3 hours a week unscheduled.  This gives each officer 12...[read more]
Posted 11.23.11
Erik: Officers as liasons to community groups
Just started to redo my list of officers assigned as liasons to community groups.  Looking for feed back on just how much authority this officer should have to speak on...[read more]
Posted 11.21.11
[read more]
Posted 11.02.11
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